( BODY )

An exhibition by Emma Hislop & Claire McGinlay
@ The Old Hairdresser's, Glasgow

A 'body of work' in its rawest form,
what it is to create such a body in the studio.
The exhibition looks into this production of work
implanted with restriction and contrast. Hislop spent
much of the process with limitations in Australia,
whereas McGinlay worked from her studio, Glasgow.
This restriction is embedded in the work shown,
each artists own work with its own set of constraints
and ideas juxtaposed against the other's. Alongside
collaborative pieces such as;  sculpture and 'switch'
drawings, layered work directly onto the other's.

'Slip', 2016
Monoprinted betting slips

Earthenware    'Singer', 2016
Clay, Acrylic & Crystal Resin
10 x 10.5"

Plinth    'Drum', 2016
Cardboard Barrel & Drawings ('Singer' designs)

Stick    'Didgeridont'', 2016
Pine Tree & Acrylic
4.5 x 45"

'She Was Like A Wet Teabag/An Artist's Work', 2016
Collaborative Work

 'Dirty Tourists', 2016
Independent Artist's Book

Prints     'Dirty Tourists', 2016
Monoprints on Bamboo Paper

'//LINES', 2016
Ceramic Zine

'Family Values', 2016
 Cotton, Charcoal & Abaca Pulps with Wood Shavings, Betting Slips & Maps
(Glasgow School of Art Mackintosh Building wood shavings & Charcoal from fire)
Triptytch    'Untitled', 2016
Cotton, Abaca & Sawdust Pulps with Monoprinted Betting Slips, Reciepts & Wood Shavings
(Glasgow School of Art Mackintosh Building wood shavings & sawdust from fire)
A5 each

 Series    'Luminol', 2016
Monoprints on Graph Paper
A4 each

Ladder    'Recovery', 2016
Rope, International Newspapers, Acrylic, Ink

Drawing Series    'Untitled', 2016
International Newspapers, Wood Varnish, Acrylic & Ink

Collage Series    'DNA Cartography', 2016
Mixed Media

Switch Drawings    'Untitled', 2016
Mixed Media onto Khadi Paper
Collaborative Work

Installation    'Slip (& Slide)', 2016
Fabriano, Betting Slips, Monoprints & Tape Backing